Why you need the chamber (
and why the chamber needs you):

When you, as an individual or small business, express your opinions and make your contribution, physically and financially, in a cooperative effort with other small businesses, you have clout, and things get done. The chamber offers the vehicle for this community clout to stimulate orderly growth and economic development, to work with state and national legislators and major issues affecting the local cities and counties, to develop social responsibilities and to promote the free enterprise system. Working together ultimately means working for you.

Chamber membership benefits:

  • Meet and network with other local business leaders
  • Opportunity to meet informally with elected officials
  • Workers’ compensation group rating program
  • Health insurance group plan program
  • Listing on the Richfield Chamber’s website

Informational programs:

Each month businesses come together for informational programs and for connecting to other businesses.

Working together:

The chamber is the business community working together. It is the central agency that corrals the forces of the community for its improvements and development – in business, in industry, and in the professions. Together, the chamber does what no person can do alone.

A new business partner:

The chamber is your most valuable, yet lowest-paid employee; like a partner, but allowing you to be the boss. Committees of business and professional people voluntarily work to improve your business opportunities.

Another voice:

Joined with the opinions of other civic and business leaders, your ideas are amplified through a cooperative voice of business and acquire additional strength.

Another pair of hands:

The chamber answers letters relative to every imaginable question concerning the city and area. This correspondence would go unanswered if there were no chamber. The goodwill and accurate information furnished has incalculable value to the Richfield area.

A tireless salesman:

The chamber provides a clearinghouse of information needed by prospective businesses, visitors and residents. The members work to influence new and expanded business growth in the area.

Another front office:

The chamber is the place where visitors gain their first impression of the hospitality and soundness of the community. The chamber has a staffed office in the ScripType building at 4300 W. Streetsboro Road.

A necessary business expense:

In the same relationship to your business as rent, utilities, advertising and payroll, your membership is an investment and should never be considered a contribution.

Group rating for workers’ compensation:

The chamber has aligned with ARM Baylor to make available a workers’ compensation group rating program for members. Participating members can realize a savings of up to 51 percent on their workers’ compensation rates.

For a free, no-obligation analysis of what you can save through the Richfield Chamber of Commerce’s Workers’ Compensation Program, call ARM Baylor at 440-526-7600.

Savings plan on group health insurance:

Chamber members can receive a discount on health insurance for 2-50 employer groups. Along with the cost savings, businesses get access to comprehensive care and quality providers through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Click the link to get your free quote:


The chamber creates many opportunities for members to network with other local business leaders and community officials.